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SC Two Nights (2008)

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Director: Oriol Bernat
Writer: Oriol Bernat, Adam Goudchaux (contributing writer)
Cinematographer: Tanner Wolfe
Editor: Olena Kuhtaryeva
Country: USA (2008)
Genre:  Short | Drama
Release Date:
Filming Location:

Rudolf is Frank.

Plot:  "You should be with the people you love". That's what Frank's doctor tells him after informing him of his imminent death. The problem is Frank doesn't have anyone left. His wife is leaving him, and something happened between he and his father that is too painful to mention. In the midst of disintegration, Frank will find some peace however. Alison. She's a ballerina on her way to New York, who will stay with him till the end. Frank will understand she's the one he really loves; but he will have to let her go, since soon there'll be nothing for her to stay for. Written by anonymous


Disclaimer: This website is entirely made from fans for fans and we won’t made profit with it. We used all information and screenshots from this movie without a special permission. But we think, that it can’t be wrong to support this movie with making advertisement for free. So we hope no one would say no to that. Thanks.

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