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SC Borgia (2011)

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Episode 1.02 – “Ondata di calore”

Directed by: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Kyle Bradstreet story editor
Kyle Bradstreet teleplay
Kevin Deiboldt staff writer
Brant Englestein story editor
Brant Englestein teleplay
Tom Fontana story
Italy (Sky Italia): 10 July 2011
France (Canal+): 10 October 2011
Germany (ZDF): 17 October 2011

„Borgia“ is a Co-Production between ZDF, ORF and Canal + with the Productioncompanies Atlantique and EOS.

Rudolf is Francheschetto Cibo.


Disclaimer: This website is entirely made from fans for fans and we won’t made profit with it. We used all information and screenshots from this tv show without a special permission. But we think, that it can’t be wrong to support this tv-show with making advertisement for free. So we hope no one would say no to that. Thanks.

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