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SC 1.02 - 01.00 am-02.00 am

Screen-Shots > TV Shows/Serien > SC 24 Twenty Four (2001/02)

"1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m" - Season 1, Episode 2
German Episode Title: "Tag 1: 1:00 Uhr - 2:00 Uhr"
Director: Stephen Hopkins
Writings: Joel Surnow (creator), Robert Cochran (creator), Joel Surnow (written by) & Michael Loceff (written by)
Country: USA (2001)
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Release Date: USA   13 November 2001
Release Date Germany: :  2 Sep. 2003
Filming Location:

Rudolf is Jonathan Matijevich.

Plot:  An assassin has stolen the ID of a photographer scheduled to meet a presidential candidate; Jack's wife searches for their daughter; Jack gets more evidence of a rogue within his unit.


Disclaimer: This website is entirely made from fans for fans and we won't made profit with it. We used all information and screenshots from this TV-Show without a special permission. But we think, that it can't be wrong to support this show with making advertisement for free. So we hope no one would say no to that. Thanks.

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