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Making His Mark (201?)

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"Making His Mark" - Soap in Depth - 201?


Making His Mark

It was All My Children that first cast Rudolf Martin as the kind of character that he'd make an entire career out of playing Anton Lang, Dimitri's very brooding, very European son. Since then, he's played similary dark types, including vampires, a stalker and even a rogue Mossad agent!

He Didn't Want To Be A Leading Man!

"Back when I was on AMC, I looked like maybe a pretty boy, and as I grew out of that, I was cast as a young leading man, which I wasn't that comfortable with," Martin admits. "Just being European and mysterious got me into this [run] of bad guy/vampire roles.

"I do enjoy it" he adds "but I like to play them with a certain amount of charm."

His "Killer" New Role

Alas, "charming" is not a word one might use to discribe his latest role in the upcoming German thriller Bela Kiss Prologue. "It's about a WWI-era serial killer," he offers. "It's based on a true story... He was proclaimed to be dead but there were reports that people had seen him. So the movie toys with the idea that he's still around and somehow like a vampire!"

Then in Three Holes, Two Brads And A Smoking Gun, Martin plays a junkie! "It's a nice little indie film about a screenwriter who's looking for this magical typewriter," he previews. "I try to mug him, but the mugging turns into this really philosophical conversation."

Love On The Set!

However, the film that he can't wait for fans to see first is the one in which he potrays - wait for it - the good guy! "Pig is one of my favorite things that I've shot in the last few years," he reveals. "I play a [man] who wakes up in the middle of the Arizona desert tied up and with a hood over his head and has to piece together clues to figure out who he is and how he got there." Martin also credits the flick for introducing him to his new bride. Katherine LaPlant. "She was working in wardrobe [for the film] at the time," he shares.

He'd Do Another Soap, Sure!

The actor may have settled into a successful career in primetime and film, but he doesn't rule out returning someday to soaps. "I don't care really what the medium is," he says. "I'll do anything if I can have fun."

-- Kelli M. Larson --

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